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Landscape Design

At ALLAR Lawn & Landscape, we feel that great landscapes begin with meticulous planning and design processes. All of our landscapes are designed here, by us. We don’t outsource our projects to an architect behind a desk that has never seen your property. From the initial contact to project completion we are here to answer questions, listen to concerns, and provide you with what we feel is the best possible outdoor experience.
Our landscape design services are some of the best in the area and while others charge a fortune for their offered services, we pride ourselves on reasonable design rates to provide you with the plan you expect at a price we both deserve.

Factors to consider:

Your desires.  What you want is the reason we’re here. Tell us your likes and dislikes, show us pictures from magazines or news articles, heck you can even give us that drawing you sketched on a napkin.  What colors do you like? Do the butterflies and birds interest you? Do you like the sound of running water to relax to? Keep the information coming…

Your space. Size is essential and highly critical to any landscape project, which is why we always visit your property, take measurements and walk around with you.  Knowing exactly how big or small the available area is gives us an idea on what should go where. It also allows us to begin mental placements of objects/items prior to putting the pen to paper.

Your existing property. The last thing we want is for our green thumb to stick out like a sore thumb in your lawn. The idea in landscape design is to give you the elements you want while making sure that they still flow with your house, current landscape elements, and overall property.

Your budget. If you can’t afford that incredible “2 day” transformation you saw on the Home and Garden Channel, don’t sweat it. While you don’t have to give us an exact amount of what you’re looking to spend, you should have an idea of what you are able to budget for the project. It may mean making a master plan and splitting it into a multi-phase project.  At the same time, be realistic… visit your local garden and supply centers so that you aren’t shocked at what things cost. As always… compare and question those “low ball” prices.

Whether you want a new front landscape, a backyard retreat, or a full master plan for your property, ALLAR Lawn & Landscape can help. From the initial contact to the design to project completion you will see the same crew. We know how hard you work for you money, thus we only commit the most dedicated staff to your property, rest assured!

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"Working with ALLAR Lawn & Landscape was a stress free and wonderful experience. Ryan understood exactly what we wanted and delivered beyond our expectations. We are very pleased with the work. "

John & Kim S. – Klingerstown

"We were thrilled with the patio that ALLAR Lawn & Landscape installed for us! They were very knowledgeable and easy to work with. We have and will continue to recommend them to our friends."

Dave & Kelly B. – Hegins

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